ten things // 07.07.17

6:03:00 AM

It's been a minute since I've shared ten thoughts, yet alone shared any writing at all. To say I've been swept up in life's whirlwind would be an understatement. The past two or so months have absolutely slipped through my fingers, like sand on the beach that I have yet to make a summer trip too. But here we are, so let's do this. 

  1. So far summer has been filled with work at the first job, work at the second job, and summer class. Lots of work, but, happily, still some play.
  2. Weekend trips to the bay, after-work runs along the river, and countless hours spent laying on the floor with vinyl in the background have filled my precious free time.
  3. This song makes me want to wear a bright pink fur jacket, star shaped sunglasses, and jump around a roller rink.
  4. One thing is for certain, this summer has been filled with color.  From the many warm, yellowy-green skies that we have had after rainstorms to the clothing racks that I finger space at 10pm on a Friday night, my days and nights are bright.
  5. Wegmans' build-your-own 6 pack is honestly my greatest guilty pleasure. 
  6. My favorite moment is when I climb into my steaming car that has been sitting under the sun in the employee parking lot for 9 hours and I play the tunes I found on my lunch break, volume 37. Always.
  7. I've been writing a lot, trying to keep everything in perspective and everything in balance. I have always found that the best way to keep my thoughts gathered is to have them completely out of my head and on paper.
  8. It honestly doesn't even feel like I studied abroad anymore and I'm finding it difficult to bring it up in casual conversation without sounding entitled.
  9. I spent fifteen minutes laughing so hard I was crying at 11:30 the other night because of this really dumb video. 
  10. I've finally finished my summer playlist :) 

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