Salzburg, Austria

12:06:00 AM

Salzburg - simple and sweet. 

As pathetic and selfish as it may seem, I am quite exhausted from the chaos and magnitude of the large European cities. Spring break has left me running on fumes and my morning coffee, so when thinking of the following weekend's travel options, I found Salzburg to be a shining light. 

I was not quite sure what to expect from Salzburg but I knew what I wanted - a relaxed adventure. And Salzburg provided just that. 

Although the weather put a dismal mood up above, it did not dampen our moods down below the clouds.  Each morning we rose with the sound of music (quite literally as our hostel played the soundtrack in the lobby) and quite contentedly explored Austria. 

We rolled through Austria's countryside, strolled through alleys looking for markets selling oversized pretzels, overindulged in authentic goulash, glided through gardens, and danced our way through the Sound of Music tour.

The architecture in the city was clean and comfortable while the houses in the countryside were preciously authentic with their scalloped roofs and shutters painted with edelweisses. 

We spent our nights in deep conversation or singing Queen in the corners of Irish pubs which were truly my favorite parts of the weekend. I have come to really value quality conversations and the people that can carry them out. Good company and good conversation. I don't think I could say it enough. 

Salzburg was the breath of fresh air that we needed and the rainy day I had been craving. Completely satisfied, I was ready to leave but perhaps I will be back one day for a bike tour and a hike through the countryside. 

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