falling in love with Paris

10:51:00 AM

Sometimes you can't explain why a place holds you still.  Sometimes it's just a feeling...

Ever since I was young, Paris has been on my adventure-radar. I am not quite sure what first introduced me to Paris, perhaps it was the darling Madeline books my mom would read to me, but the idea of Paris has always been filed away and on my list of must-see cities.

When I first opened my sleepy eyes and looked out the train window in Gare de Lyon, I couldn't help but smile. The buildings were exactly as I had imagined with romantic, iron-fenced balconies holding piles of fresh produce and dreamy rooftops littered with small chimneys.

I can't quite describe it, but stepping into the Parisian air filled me with love. Like I said, it's a feeling.   I was simply floating.

Three days was just enough to satisfy my soul yet leave me determined to return one day. I have already started craving the crepes, the cozy, overcast skies, the warmly-undertoned buildings, and Ladurée's rose macaroons.

My favorite Paris moment - sitting on a fountain with seven incredible friends, bottles of red wine in hand, and the twinkling Eiffel Tower straight ahead.  It was something from a dream, my dream.

Another special moment was getting lost (physically and mentally) in the Louvre. I could spend every Sunday in that magnificent building. We strolled past the Mona Lisa and walked through centuries of incredible art and history as the rain poured. 

So until next time, Paris.  I will be back one day, for the one-euro baguettes and that indescribable feeling that lingers in the air. 

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