Carnevale // Venice, Italy

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There is something so intimate about an Italian street filled with ornately masked people. 

So far I have spent every weekend break in Italy, aside from the two weekends that were apart of my first 10-day break. There is just something about this country. I have fallen in love with the food, the wine, the architecture, the sounds, and even the people (despite how abrupt they might be).

Venice surpassed all my expectations and somehow managed to put Italy even higher on my love list.

From the moment we stepped off the train and stepped onto the water taxi I was flushed with emotion, thoughts, and an overall feeling of contentedness. Even in a busy street with costumed strangers I felt more in love with life than ever before.

We took a gondola ride, ate three pizzas within the 72 hours, danced through the tight alleys with fresh mulled wine, bought authentic Venetian masks, threw confetti, and laughed until one day ended and the next began. I truly do not think I have laughed or smiled as much as I have this weekend.

On Sunday, a small group of us split off and explored Burano which is a small island in Venice known for its beautiful handmade lace and its darling, colorful buildings that align the canal. 

While I love navigating through these cities, I am truly grateful for the opportunities to step outside the hustle and bustle and get lost in the small towns. I've come to realize that you truly get to know a city and have an authentic experience if you let yourself get lost.

The eight of us small-town lovers had one of the most enjoyable lunches of 2017 in the middle of the town square. We felt the warm sun, indulged in even more pizza, and laughed until it was quite possible that every person in Burano could hear us. It was a moment of true contentedness and utter bliss. We were simply happy.

And before hopping on the water taxi back to the train station, we ate one of the greatest desserts I have ever tasted. I truly cannot even describe the sensation that was a part of this tiny ball of dough. All I know is that it is a treat that is special to Carnevale and that if I could recommend any part of the Carnevale experience, it would be to try this little ball of joy.

 So ciao Venice and ciao Italy, at least for now. I will be back.

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