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I love creating. Jewelry, makeup, cooking, gardening, whatever. And I appreciate the holidays because I love to give what I've created with people, especially if I've created something that matches that person so well.

On a recent rockhounding adventure in November (blogged about here), I collected some beautiful gems and stones in their rawest form. Although they have not been polished, cut, or heat treated, their structure still thrills me. I had these stones, both big and small, scattered around my room, carefully thinking about what I could do with them until it hit me and I couldn't quite order my materials fast enough. 

I decided to make claw rings with my stones and hand selected the type of stone with properties that most aligned my mother, my sister, and I. Creating each piece was simple and straightforward but the finished product is so beautiful and holds so much meaning. 

I used...
wire cutters - to trim the claws 
multitool - to bend the claws
claw band (I ordered mine from here)

The steps I took are simple. Just pick your stone, learn its properties, position it within the band's outstretched arms, trim down the arms, and have them hug the stone. I placed my pieces in small boxes among feathers with a small piece of paper describing the stones' characteristics. 

I will surely be making more of these rings so keep an eye on the etsy shop

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