buongiorno Lugano!

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It has officially been five days since my arrival in Lugano, Switzerland and I am more in love with mountains than ever. This place is stunnning. Everywhere I turn I see foreign wonders. The people, the buildings, the churches, the food...there is so much to take in and I cannot get enough.

We flew into Zurich early Thursday morning and immediately climbed onto a bus for a three hour trip through the tunnels to get to Lugano. We weaved in and out of the mountains, in awe of the tremendous mountains and the darling villages squeezed around the lakesides. Many of the Zurich homes are painted bright colors with steep and sharp roofs and the Zurich villages are filled with beautiful steeples and chimneys puffing smoke. 

I was expecting Lugano to look much different than it does and much smaller. The city is quite extensive and palm trees fill every nook. The mediterranean winds keep Lugano a popular destination among the Swiss. 

We hiked up to our hostel (Hostel Montarina), scanned passports, collected keys, and moved into our rooms. I am more than thrilled with my simple and quaint room. Although the window lets in the chilly Swiss air, it has quite the view. Waking up to palm trees covered in snow is new and exciting.

Exploring Lugano, I've found some of the architecture is so stunning, especially the church that is closest to the hostel. The doorways send shivers down my spine. 

There isn't one alley way or corner I don't peer into. 

There seems to be some sort of Swiss magic everywhere I turn.

 Oh, and Lugano offers the best view I have ever had on my way to class.

I hope that the residents of Lugano never take their surroundings for granted. This place is breathtaking. I don't think I spoke for ten minutes after we arrived as I was just taking it all in. 

We spent Sunday hiking Monte San Salvatore and it was extraordinary. I was one of the only students who was actually looking forward to the trek but everyone made it and appreciated every sight to behold. 

We spent one afternoon roaming among the castles of Bellinzona, Switzerland. Immediately after stepping foot off the train we spotted five glorious, mystical castles. As we explored, we daydreamed of the lives that were once lived behind the historic walls.

It is safe to say I am in love with Switzerland already and I cannot wait to see what adventures this country will have unfold in front of me. 

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