an (early) 21st birthday celebration

1:52:00 PM

It's finally here - the 21st birthday in all its pomp, circumstance, and consequence is in its final countdown.

This past weekend my mother and father made an extraordinary effort to celebrate my upcoming birthday as it will truly be celebrated while in Switzerland as I study abroad.

My mother and father have always succeeded in making each birthday special for me and my siblings alike. I think my mother should come back as a party planner in her second life, or maybe even this one :)

The evening began with tall glasses of champagne in the most gorgeous flutes from Anthropologie and finished with appropriately precious cookies from Starrrbakes. My family and I made dinner together, whispered by the fire about our earliest birthday parties, and went for a walk before we would be trapped in by the snow. 

I feel like 21 is it. It is the year when I am finally of maturity and of age to do anything. No laws or standards hold me back now (except the whole rent-a-car thing but whatever). 

If I've learned anything within my 21 years of life it is this: be confident in who you are, never settle, extend your love, and always listen to and respect your body. 

So cheers to 21 years! 

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