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There are new goodies in the shop!

Say hello to Moon Drops. One of my most recent creations that I am so thrilled about. 

Too many nights I lay wide awake, confused about why my mind won't rest and why my body won't relax. There are few things more frustrating than when you are exhausted but just can not fall asleep. And so, it was one of these sleepless nights, when I shot up straight with the idea for this product. 

Moon Drops is made with relaxing and soothing natural scents, infused under a crescent moon. Each bottle is filled with a balance of lavender, with it's therapeutic and relaxing properties, and vanilla with its warmth then placed under a crescent moon and sealed in the morning before the sun rises. 

Why the crescent moon? A full moon is known to disturb us internally, not in a bad way, but our bodies naturally respond to a full moon. A crescent moon, however, offers a time for new beginnings and is said to be a time of casting spells. 

I like to mist a few pumps on my pillow, PJs, sheets, or even my hands before settling down for the night. It's also the perfect thing to take along to a hotel to make those cold rooms feel a little more home-y. 

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