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Giving purpose brings focus, balance, and consistency to the day. 

It is easy to wake up in the morning and let your mind immediately focus on the day's to-do list and the running tally of stressors you'll face throughout the day.  The hustle and bustle outside may get your blood flowing and mind racing, but taking those few extra moments to stretch, open your eyes, and feel your breath will help slow you down and start your day right.

I have found that if I consciously make an effort to take in the morning with all its light, peace, and silence, I feel happier as well as more motivated for the rest of the day. As soon as I wake up, I take a moment and pull in deep breaths into my chest and belly and look out the window at the rising world. I then set an intention for the day.

Intentions do not necessarily have to be "go to the gym" or "do not snack today". My intentions range in message from "become more conscious about my facial expressions" and "truly listen in today's conversations".  Give meaning to the day, not a mission.

Take time. Think about what you want to squeeze out of the day. Realize all the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead, not just the obligations and lists you have to complete. And perhaps, when you roll out from the sheets and place your feet on the floor, you will feel a spark of life run through you.

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