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October has simply floated by like the leaves in its crisp autumn winds. Although I am sad to see it go, I am thankful for and still holding on to the gifts it has brought me.

October included travels to weird Austin, Texas and memorable visits to the 6th street bars with Mom and Dad. It was a downtown experience with parents that I will never forget. 

It's brought the realization that flying offers world recognition, seeing the peace of mind and thoughtfulness that comes from watching the sun rise to your level and witnessing the world wake up down below. 

It's brought the richest of colors and the deepest of reds. It has accented the most intimate and lovely details of nature that we take for granted. Autumn is mother nature's time to shine. Showing her power and control she has on the life surrounding us. Autumn is her last gift to us as she leads us into winter. 

October has brought great notice to myself. My favorite question to ask was: "How does my body feel?" Listening to my body, doing what it needs, brought great self contentment as well as self control. 

October, a lovely gift in itself, brought many small gifts. So, thank you October for giving me somethings to take with me into November. 

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