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Putting kind things on your body is just as important as putting kind things in your body. 

I made a goal a few months ago to only purchase and use cruelty free products and made a more conscious effort to only use organic, natural products. It is so tough, as so many aisles and shelves are fully stocked with products that are effective and get the job done, but I discovered that, personally, I would rather be kind to my skin and only use products that aren't filled with things I can't even pronounce. It is a step in loving myself.

It is no secret that what you put in your body reveals itself on the outside of your body. What you put on your skin is no exception, as your body just as easily absorbs it.

So how easy is it to make organic bronzer? It is so simple, not to mention most of these ingredients are probably already in your pantry. Just a few simple ingredients that you can mix and add to your heart's content. There are no preservatives, chemicals, or fillers. Just pure powders and spices. 

  • Cocoa - cocoa determines the depth and darkness of the bronzer. (Be sure there are no additives in the cocoa powder you are using!)
  • Nutmeg - nutmeg serves as a natural highlight
  • Cinnamon - the more cinnamon you add, the more glowy your skin will be
  • Arrowroot - arrowroot serves as a natural base and is a powder that can be used in SO many beauty and wellness products. It is commonly used in natural deodorants. 
Begin with arrowroot then mix in the remaining powders and spices keeping in mind each of their roles in the final product. I personally kept mine on the lighter side so that I could use it as an all over face color as opposed to just a contour-style bronzer. I also used quite a bit of nutmeg to achieve a more glowy look.

So there you have it. The simplest bronzer made of spice and everything nice. Place it in a clean compact and perhaps make yourself some homemade hot cocoa with the leftover spices. 

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