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Tortoise Shell Spoons....I would like 200 please. 

Love this shot

I've really been enjoying Alex Strohl's photography on his Instagram. He also published a book titled Alternative Living which I am sure is just filled with mysterious, small, and warm homes in the great wilderness. 

Frank Ocean's latest album "Blonde" has been on repeat all day, everyday. Working out, walking to class, showering, everywhere. Ivy is most definitely my favorite.  So worth the many years of waiting for his new material. 

Tictail is a really unique retail site and app where you can shop handmade, small business items. Every since opening my little Etsy shop I've gained a stronger appreciation for small business. 

Young the Giant is continuing to kill it with their new material. They are always so consistent and their music is always thought-provoking. 

Took a little trip to Claytor Lake, VA. The perfect escape to a small town, old fashioned, refreshing lake. 

This delicate necklace is top of the list. 

IN LOVE with my new Nikon D7000. I upgraded from my Nikon D3100 to a more intermediate, advanced DSLR. I'm trying to get more into videography, astrophotography, and time-lapse. 

I'm having way too much fun with my Etsy shop. I am over the moon and so flattered with the number of orders and support I have received. 

Been spending some time exploring the incredibly talented videographers on Vimeo. This video on a weekend trip to Yosemite captivates me. I love the amplified sounds like the shutter release of a camera or the zipping of a sleeping bag. 

Lavender essential oil has been a must to fall asleep during this first week of classes. With so much on my mind and so much change within the past two weeks, working out and essential oil really help me rest easy at night. 

These candles are so so sweet. 

A sweet quote to wander with: "If I had a flower for everytime I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever." - Alfred Lord Tennyson 

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