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The fastest summer by far. Whether it was because of the daily routine of 9 to 5 work or the simple bliss of waterside living, I will never know.

Sitting here with a to-do list on my right and a packing list on my left, just finishing up ordering a mouse and keyboard to assist in my part time work, taking in the smells and sights of the office scene, I am stunned by the ending of the season and excited to head back home. Back to the daily routine of not having a daily routine. Back to the rise and shine grind and the midnight study coffee breaks. Back to the hysterical weekends and the dazed weekdays.

The back-to-school vibe is different this year. While this summer has allowed me to grow up, it has also encouraged me to look downward and reconnect with my roots, the roots of my conscience, aesthetic, and self. I am more comfortable in my own skin, I better understand what I want, I appreciate every single thing more, and I am ever more grateful for every person in my life.

These upcoming 10 months will be different, that is for sure. I'll miss my best friend as she travels to Prague. I'll be working as a part-time employee for the museum where I interned. I will be wrapping up one of two semesters left on Virginia Tech's campus. I'll be dipping into some Italian as I prepare for my studies in Switzerland. The simplicity will cease and the chaos will begin, once again, just like college clockwork.

I am so thankful for every experience and opportunity from this summer. I will cherish the memories of living Bay side forever. I will surely reminisce on the laughs and joyous times shared with the best of friends. I can leave this summer behind, grateful and smiling, and that is a true gift.

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