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Reconnection. A word that contains both triumph and a twinge of defeat. Reconnection is admittance in drifting away from something of importance but then realizing its significance so that you must bring it back into your life. 

My brother, sister, and I were not raised in front of a television. We were raised outside, under the sun and moon, quite literally rubbing dirt in our wounds. Rain, snow, or sunshine we were out on bikes, playing in our quaint treehouse, or net fishing for tadpoles in the creek down the hill. 

Even as we grew to the age when television became a privilege and we were allowed a show or two a week, we didn't take hold of the opportunity. Instead we went camping, joined scouts, and brought our toys outside. Nature and the great outdoors is something that has always resonated with us. It led my brother to a desire to explore the world on an even greater level through astronomy and aerospace interests. It led my sister to study marine biology and curate an intense appreciation for ecosystems and human-to-nature interactions. And it has led me to a passion for photography and for hiking, two things that bring me such tremendous happiness. 

It makes me sad to think that at sometime last year, I had disconnected myself from nature. I was still spending time outside - hiking, adventuring, whatever - but I was not truly appreciating every sight, sound, and feel that I had once adored so much. 

So over the course of this past summer, I realized that I wanted to bring nature in its entirety back into my. life I spent hours in the loblollies off the side of my house, photographing their shadows. I floated on the water in my kayak after work. I began to notice the smallest details of nature that just bring so much wonder and amazement to me. Being in nature turned from a conscious effort to a strong desire. 

And so, now that I have reconnected with nature - something that has always been so prominent in my life - I feel more at peace with myself. No exaggeration. To bring something back into your life that was once so dear and was once such a huge role of your childhood is quite a sweet sentiment and quite a victory.

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