12:43:00 PM

July was...
a tornado of to-do lists.
a cycle of endless consumptions of caffeine followed by endless expenditures of energy.
Mother Nature's ultimate display of power by thick air and wicked heat.  
filled with karma.
July was filled with my daily routines. Monday through Friday: rise with the tide and head off to work, 9 to 5. Saturday: 1/2 errands, 1/2 family and friends. Sunday: recovery, reflection, recompose.
I am always torn on how I feel about daily routines. I enjoy knowing what each day will hold and I prefer to know what I have to look forward to. But there is something about living a day in spontaneity that is just so refreshing. I'd say I live Monday through Friday in routine and at least one day on the weekend in spontaneity. I think it keeps me sane and it keeps me balanced.
Living in routine, however, leaves me falling prey to not living in the moment, and I hate that.  I believe that we should take life day by day but it is so hard to not think about what needs to be done for tomorrow. It's a resolution. It will take learning day by day to live day by day.
So I am excited to see July go, as I am looking forward to August which will knowingly prove to be a whirlwind of change, reunion, and excitement and will not be filled with the same routines. Something new, something fun. Goodbye July.



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