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August in two words: beautifully exhausting. 

There was so much beauty surrounding me this August, from the change in scenery as I moved from Bay to mountains, to the sweet customers of my Etsy shop. And there was so much chaos that kept August moving along, like the first week of Junior year classes and the five hours it took me to move into a side of a room. Pathetic? Maybe. 

But overall, August has left me satisfied of what was and excited for what will be. I'm launching myself in to a new chapter this year. I have new desires to be a part of other things and be apart of something bigger. I want to apply myself and I want to continue to chase down some of these tiny dreams I have. I want to be thoughtful and present. I want to treat my body better and I want to set some goals and work toward them. 

August taught me about maturity and just how old 20 years is. (Deal with that italicized "old" as you will, but I'm feeling pretty old). Helping new freshmen move in to their dorms room was bittersweet and sentimental, but I sure did love looking at their faces, their eyes, their behavior and knowing exactly how they were feeling and what they were thinking. That feeling that college is so new, that they will never get used to it, and that College will seem like a lifetime. But you do get used to it and it does fly by. 

Now I'm staring at two more semesters on Virginia Tech's campus and one semester in Switzerland. So yeah, at 20 years I am feeling quite old. 

So here is to September, to Autumn, to Junior year, and to chasing down more dreams. I'm ready for you September. 

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