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It doesn't get much sweeter than simple little Oxford, Maryland. An island town along the Chesapeake Bay with a beach for seaglass hunters and famous ice cream for all. A town with a shaded park on one side and a harbor on the other, with brick homes and white picket fences scattered in between. 
Streets are framed by white hydrangea bushes and thick trees.  The town itself surrounded by Chesapeake winds and waters, with a small sandy spot where the entire town's population seems to cool off in 94 degree weather.
Tiny gift shops and a darling post office line the entry road but the shaded streets and darling houses are much more inviting.  You can chase the butterflies down the back streets and at every other corner you turn to see the Chesapeake Bay, covered with boats with their sails high and full.
It is the epitome of summer and the perfect Sunday day trip.




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