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If this isn't just the most random modge-podge of photos I don't know what is. But, the chaos, in a way, further establishes my point that May was a whirlwind of change. I moved from one small town in Virginia to another small town in Maryland. I stopped studying from 5pm to 9am and began interning from 9am to 5pm. I went from farm country to festival grounds, to waterfront. And, finally, I went from 28 roommates to a solo-lifestyle. It is all okay though, really. 

I have this summer as an opportunity to reinvent myself, or at least, invent myself further.  I'm living in the moment and I'm noticing the small things. I'm paying attention to the detail as well as the big picture. I'm balancing. 

So goodbye to May and all its craziness. And fingers crossed that next month's moments will have a better theme to them. 

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