1:07:00 PM

Well my summer has begun, and with it a new job, a new living setup, and a new routine.

Summer days spent on the water are nothing shy of blissful. I truly believe that no matter how many assignments I have looming overhead at work, because I am by the water they are less stressful.  Something about the sun, the water, and the wind truly carries thoughts, cares, and emotions away, yet you remain standing with color in your cheeks and eyes towards the great horizon.

Although I miss my mountains, I can't complain when I'm surrounded by so much water and so much Chesapeake Bay history. I've learned more about boatbuilding and sailing vessels in the past week than I have in my entire life.

I'm truly grateful for this opportunity to grow in thought, knowledge, and confidence and I am thrilled to have this opportunity waterside.

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