my mix // summer baby

6:31:00 AM

Summer is here and I CAN believe it! (Probably because I have been counting down the days since the beginning of second semester). But anyway, summer is here and it is bliss and it is wonderful.

For many many many years I have associated a certain mix with the summer season and while some songs may carry over from year to year, my playlist does indeed change as I discover new, worthy songs, artists, and bands. Each year, however, manages to maintain the same bouncy, quirky, I-want-to-go-run-around-barefoot kind of vibe. Thats the vibe I adore.  There is nothing on this Earth that I love more than live music, but I do truly appreciate and (quite honestly) lose it when when music makes me feel something. It is truly incredible.

So here are the tunes that I have on full blast on the bike ride to work, when it's Thursday night and almost the weekend, and every second in between. Cheers to summer!

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