ten things // 4.1416

4:39:00 AM

1. I want to fall in love to The Lumineers' new album: Cleopatra.
2. Going through a little bit of a who-am-I moment. Just trying to figure things out. But who isn't?
3. Keeping in mind those lost and effected by April 16, 2007 this week.
4. Looking forward to living by and for myself this summer.
5. Adore this video from Free People.
6. I feel like I just need to get lost in a good book for a little while.
7. "Thou shalt be free as mountain winds." -Shakespeare, The Tempest
8. This is a very beautiful hashtag to look at on Instagram.
9. I need to see one more Blacksburg sunrise before leaving for the summer.
10. I truly cannot believe that after this semester I will never take another Spring class on Virginia Tech campus.  I feel old in all the best ways.

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