travel log // British Virgin Islands

12:03:00 PM

It is a true gift to be able to experience the beauty that is the British Virgin Islands, but it is an even greater gift to be able to harness the wind and sail these Caribbean islands.

Here it is so easy to wake up because of the promise of a beautiful day.  The feeling of passing the green, mountainous islands and sailing into a cove with the most mesmerizing gradient of blue waters is undefinable, yet it is something that happens everyday.  Even under gray skies and heavy clouds, there remains a smile and complete contentedness.  It is pure paradise.

There is nothing like the night sky, either.  Even when the luscious, natural beauty of day disappears under the night sky, the moon and stars appear leaving no time between beautiful wonders for us to look upon.  And how humbling it is to lay among friends and family and recognize how small we are.

So until next time dear Caribbean; you hold such a special place in my heart.

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