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1:00:00 AM

New year new jams, right? Right.

Recently I feel like I've been kind of stuck in a music rut.  I used to spend so much time discovering new music, jamming out in my room, and making playlists.  It's been so long since I've found new and fun music that I just want to play on repeat all day.  So I've made it a goal to get back into the music scene.  Music is my all time favorite thing and I should definitely be making time for it in my busy schedule.

I mean, everyone knows I love music.  I even came into college with a music minor and I never even declared that I wanted to minor in anything at all.  Needless to say, that issue is completely taken care of now :)

So heres a short playlist that I will be adding on to.  I've been listening to this when getting ready in the morning before class, getting ready at night to go out, and every second in between.  My heart is happy to have found some new jams.

just bouncing around playlist

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