a month in moments // august

1:00:00 AM

I truly can't believe I am back at school, in a bunked bed, with all my sorority sisters bouncing around the house.  Summer is over and school has begun.  And it's okay.  In fact, it's better than okay. I am thrilled to be back at school, back in the mountains, back with my people, back to sleepless nights and never-ending days. I am content.

August has been quite the whirlwind with a quick switch of housing, of jobs, and of neighbors.  It's been a great month and as I head into September I think of all the lovely things that summer and August brought me, especially the great times and talks I shared with family.

Down in these mountain valleys it is evident that August can not stay forever.  I can feel the crisp breeze in the morning hours and the distinct autumn sunset in the evening. I am welcoming fall with open arms and an open heart and the full smile that August left me.

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