ten things // 8.13.15

1:00:00 AM

The original idea to write a post like this comes from Hummusbird. She is a goddess and has a natural knack for blogging, writing, creating, and inspiring. My posts will not do her idea justice but I believe this is a perfect time to reflect, write, dream, write, create, and write. 

1. I'm trying to learn how to better control my anxiety.  As school approaches (and I still have weeks until I move back) I'm getting more and more anxious everyday.  Meditation seems to be the only dimmer for these feelings right now.

2. I miss working out. Nannying, working, and wisdom teeth surgery has put exercising on the back burner and it's killing me.  AKA it's killing my fitness.

3. Mug cakes have won my heart completely.

4. I can't stop dreaming of the apartment that I want/will have one day. One day.

5. I'm learning more about patience than ever before.  Please note I am learning and not quite being. Yet. It's a process.

6. I'm dying to get back on the Appalachian mountains and all their glory.

7. This necklace is everything.  Simplistic, silver, and a reminder to just breathe. I want it.

8. My body has been craving tea like never before.

9. Fleet Foxes sing to my soul.

10. I have found some sort of peace in writing this.

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