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Whether you fully embrace it or refuse to believe it...August is here. And while majority of us continue to soak up the sun and fill our days with summer festivities, the days of deadlines and nights of stress are approaching.

For this happy + healthy post I figured I would focus on a different topic: organization. While this idea may not be directly related to fitness, it is indeed related to happiness and indirectly related to health in that maintaining an organized lifestyle can help keep you sane and help you avoid falling subject to detrimental amounts of stress.

If I have learned anything through my many years of schooling and my years of working, I have learned that everyone organizes their life differently.  Organization is finding a method that works for you and your lifestyle and is a method or practice that you can continue to use to your benefit.

A couple methods I practice and a couple tools I use are:

  • planner (and I find that the cuter it is, the more I use it)
  • calendar app ( I find that this one is the best and easiest to use!)
  • the oh-so classic to-do list
  • post-it notes EVERYWHERE 
  • a designated desk drawer for all the miscellaneous stuff that I have no idea where to put but I know I'll be looking for it later
  • desktop folder for anything and everything
  • desk calendar (if you haven't noticed, I really dig calendars)    
  • color coding

Hopefully this provided some inspiration on how to keep your crazy life organized and creative. Cheers to the rest of summer and the busy season approaching!

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