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It's always good to set goals.

Every summer I try to chase after something new.  Summer is a time to reconnect with yourself and just relax, but relax with intention.

So, this summer I set a new goal for myself: yoga.  I've always been interested in yoga but truthfully I've never been a regular when it comes to attending classes or even practicing a bit by myself.  The only yoga-related thing I practice regularly would be meditation.  But more on that some other time.  Basically my new goal is to become a regular and embrace all the benefits and practices of yoga inside and outside the studio.

During one of my most recent classes, I learned about one proper way to breathe.  Because yes, you can breathe the wrong way. Weird right? I learned that healthy and influential breathing does not necessarily come naturally, but comes with practice and that the end results are truly remarkable.

So, here are the three steps towards a good breath.

1. Inhale into the belly.
2. Inhale into the lungs.
3. Exhale beginning in the belly.

This new "style" of breathing is my challenge to myself this week.  Hopefully, practice will indeed make perfect and I'll feel stronger and balanced with every breath.

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