firefly music festival 2015

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Another epic weekend has come and gone, but this time I am left with terrible PCD (post-concert depression). It's real. Trust me.

Between June 18th and the 21st, I was dancing the days into nights, singing at the top of my pitchy lungs, and (like usual with live music) having the time of my life.  And I can happily say the second time at firefly music festival was just as fun as the first.

The days were long and HOT, the music was perfectly diverse, the performances were rad, and the company was great.  So until next year, here's a quick, short recap on the weekend!

Fave Performances:

  • Foster the People - my all-time favorite band and the third time I've seen them! They never disappoint. Never. And hello to Mark Pontius who has somehow managed to become even more attractive. 
  • Paul McCartney - just super cool. Unreal to see such a tiny little body rocking on stage that has had such an unparalleled impact on the music industry. 
  • Clean Bandit - I was so greatly, and happily surprised. Bravo Bandit, bravo.
  • Hozier - holy cow, homeboy has SOUL. A really really enjoyable performance. 
  • Matt & Kim - now they know how to party. 
  • Cage the Elephant - all I have to say is: Matt Shultz, please marry me. Or at least take me on tour with y'all.

  • Matt Shultz. Enough said. 
  • Crowd Surfing??? Always a must at a festival.
  • Head cutouts. By far their best year yet. 
  • Lights and pyrotechnics. 
  • Joining 89,999 other people in singing "Na na na's" during Paul's performance of Hey Jude. 
  • Rain (and thus, mud).
  • Hygiene (honestly, I don't know if hygiene was even existent over the weekend).
  • Water. There was none.  
  • The tornado winds and thunderstorms that rolled in and cancelled the rest of Saturday night's shows. 

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