B.V.I. log // Day 8

6:14:00 AM

calm, blue, blissful.  those are the three words that could simply describe and summarize tonight’s anchorage: Jost Van Dyke.  rolling hills, tall green grasses that sway with the wind, and smooth currents make up the island and its surrounding sand spits. 

we left Guana early in the morning to make a quick stop in Cane Garden Bay to replenish supplies and water then continue on our way to Jost.  the strong currents and the stormy weather of the day made for a rough day of sailing and consequently made us put down the sails and turn on the engines.

we did indeed make it to Jost in one piece and we were very grateful for the refreshing stillness of the anchorage.  we went to Foxy’s Taboo for lunch then did some snorkeling and explored the Sandy Spit for a few hours afterward.  and at around 5:00pm we headed over to the Bubbly Pools with hopes that the touristy crowd would be gone. 

it is about a half mile walk to the pool once you step on land.  we spotted a few goats along the way and stopped to search for shells and look under the roots of mangrove trees.  after climbing a short, rocky hill and sliding down to a beach again, we turned to find the pool, splashing and bubbling under the golden light of the setting sun and between the glorious rocks that shot into the sky.  although very cold, the pool has some ability to relax and restore.  the ocean’s current pulls all the sitting water back out to sea only to replenish the pool with fresh waves that roar and crash into the shore.  we spent a good deal of time floating with the water and laughing as we were pulled by the current.

after showers and rest, the fam joined together again to eat delicious lemon-peppered shrimp, bread, and tortellini and smile over everything we have done so far and sadly acknowledge that we only have two more days on the boat, the islands, and the water.  we will soak in every last second with the boat, in the water, and under the sun, however, and we will continue to live presently and happily. 

(originally written on December 28, 2014)

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