B.V.I log // Day 7

6:04:00 AM

how lovely it is to be separated from civilization for a bit. 

today we left Anegada just as the sun had begun to rise which made for a scenic, blissful sail to Guana Island.  upon recommendation from the true owner of our boat, we sailed past Monkey Point and straight to a cove of sky blue water and white sand with just a few other boats lingering. 

the landscape was quite remote and is barely referenced in the island magazines and travel guides.  we were one of six or seven other boats upon arrival and one of four or five when we turned off the lights.

simply put, we fell in love with Guana.  although the snorkeling was not the greatest we have experienced, the serenity made up for it all.  we spent the day swimming, soaking in the sun’s rays, napping (of course), surfing during sunset, and playing Hearts around the dining table.

Guana was a place to behold.  we barely pulled out our cameras and cell phones and even books.  we paddle boarded along the coast, we climbed the rocky shoreline looking for treasurable seashells and bleached pieces of coral.  it was a day spent with people that I love, surrounded by pure nature, and acknowledging the simple happiness and bliss that comes from family, adventure, and salt water.

(originally written on December 27, 2014)

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