B.V.I. log // Day 5

5:46:00 AM

merry Christmas! today was quite merry indeed.  after a lovely Christmas Eve last night, we were excited to see what Christmas Day would have in store. 

we woke up quite early so we could begin our trek over to Anegada at a decent time.  mom and dad surprised us with personalized stockings hung along the stern of the boat.  we did some gifts exchanges, drank hot cocoa, ate gingerbread, and had a lovely, relaxing morning.

soon after, we gathered more supplies on land, got rid of our trash, and motored out of the Bitter End.  as soon as we were out in the open ocean, we hoisted the sails and headed on over to Anegada.  with a decent speed, we managed to arrive in Anegada in a little over two hours.

Anegada is breathtaking.  an island that stretches for 11 miles, surrounded by natural reefs and over 300 shipwrecks, and is only 28 feet above sea level, it is the perfect location to paddleboard, snorkel, and truly relax. 

although quaint and peaceful, Anegada is well known for its simplistic beauty and we were therefore unable to get a mooring, but had to anchor instead.

we spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, walking along the white-sand beach, exploring the mainland, and paddle boarding. 

around dinner-time we crowded the kitchen, cooking pasta, baking cookies, dancing and singing.  and after the meal was cleaned up and the cookies all gone, we sat and played Rhumb Line for a couple of hours, listening to the music playing from the mainland and laughing the night away.  it was truly a merry Christmas. 

(originally written on December 25, 2014)

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