B.V.I. log // Day 4

5:37:00 AM

happy Christmas Eve!  today was quite an adventure.  we left our mooring at Marina Cay at 6:30am to get to The Baths before the rest of the crowd would arrive.  we motored on over to Virgin Gorda and snagged a mooring at about 8:00am. 

after a lovely breakfast of egg sandwiches, bagels, and coffee and tea, we packed up a dry-sack and motored over to the shore, parking our dingy along the provided buoys.  we spent some time exploring the island, walking along the shoreline and hopping between the massive rocks.  we walked through the cavernous trail that led us straight to the Devil’s Bay.  first thought: wow.

Devil’s Bay is the picturesque landscape that is the British Virgin Islands.  with sun-bleached rocks, smooth white sand, and water that transforms from clear to the deepest turquoise it is easy to understand why all the moorings are snagged before lunch-time.

we took a quick dinghy trip back to the boat, hydrated, grabbed snorkeling gear, and hopped right back in the water.  it is recommended to snorkel between the Baths and Devil’s Bay, weaving through the rocks.  we highly recommend this.  the reefs were so colorful, full of life, and the lighting around noon was absolutely perfect.

the only thing that pulled us out of the water and away from the reefs was the Bitter End Yacht Club.  we pulled out of The Baths at about 12:00pm, motored over to the Bitter End and grabbed one of the last moorings for the night. 

we spent the rest of the evening shopping in the boutiques, drinking cocktails and snacking on appetizers, and getting ready for the rest of the evening.  we grabbed a water taxi and headed to the mainland for our 7:00pm reservation (made in July by our ever-so-thoughtful mother).  it was so lovely to sit down, grab some delicious food, and talk for an hour or two.  we reminisced on previous Christmas Eves, the last time we were sailing among the islands (several years ago), and just how incredible the trip has been so far.

when we boarded Mardi Gras after our bellies were too full and happy, everyone snuck off to bed, completely exhausted from a day that was full of activity.  we fell asleep to the sound of waves, distant Christmas music, and the saxophonist from the restaurant.  and…to all a good night.

(originally written on December 24, 2014)


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