B.V.I. Log // Day 3

5:26:00 AM

today was our first day that was completely dedicated to our own wants, needs, and desires. 

anxious to start the day, we began to motor over to Fallen Jerusalem around 8 in the morning.  upon hooking a mooring and taking a few deep breaths after the awfully choppy ride, mother made pancakes and everyone else began to lather on the sunscreen.  we scarfed down our breakfast, eager to hop in the water and begin exploring the island as well as the beautiful reefs that laid below.

the day was gorgeous: a comfortable 82 degrees with occasional clouds and rainbows galore.  and the water’s cool temperature provided a nice break from the beating sun.

Fallen Jerusalem was absolutely breathtaking.  we were the only people on the entire island and the only people that claimed one of the two moorings.  the neighboring reefs were similarly spectacular.  with exceptionally bright colors and active marine life, it was fun to swim among the large rocks and dive down to collect shells and broken coral.

the real adventure was exploring the island.  Fallen Jerusalem is surrounded by massive boulders similar to those of The Baths.  we moved around, on, between, and below the rocks, completely content to explore, jump, and swim. 

at one point during our exploration, we spotted hundreds (if not thousands) of full-sized, washed-up conch shells.  it was almost eerie how many there were.  we rummaged through them, grabbed a few, snatched up a couple spiraled shells as well, and climbed back to the main shore. 

at about 12:30pm, we were all aboard Mardi Gras and sailed toward Marina Cay for the night.  this was our first official sail of the trip and everything went quite smoothly; smoothly enough that my sister and i were able to take a three-hour nap.

upon arrival, we snagged a mooring and hopped on the dinghy to do some snorkeling along a nearby shoreline.  although the snorkeling was quick and the turbidity a little poor, we did indeed spot a sea turtle which was, undoubtedly, the highlight of the day.

we finished off the day with freshly grilled cheeseburgers, an orzo salad, some fun drinks, and a small gift exchange.  and, once again, we all laid on the trampoline, smiling under the stars, talking about the constellation of Orion, and laughing at ourselves.

tomorrow will be a big day considering it is Christmas Eve and we will be travelling to-and-from several islands.  everyone has headed off to bed early to rise with the sun and be ready to celebrate the holiday.  goodnight!

(originally written on December 23, 2014)

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