happy holidays

10:58:00 AM

the holidays have always held some sort of magic. with the ability to unite families, bring together neighbors, and spread joy to millions of people, the holidays are almost unreal.

my love for the holidays is ultimately due to the joy among family, the winter weather, and the tiny moments that make you smile inside and out.  

i love the subtle, white lights of trees through a window, the idea of people thinking of others, the simply packaged boxes, and the never-ceasing christmas music in every store.  i am a sucker for christmas.

i am also a sucker for the people that can take such a classic holiday and turn it upside down.  the holidays have been celebrated the same ways for so long and i adore when someone takes a simple tradition and changes it up. whether it be a new kind of christmas tree or a different way to wrap a present, these new ideas and the inspiring people that think of them have my major admiration. keep it up!

and so, with the holiday season in full-swing, here are a few of my favorite holiday things, ideas, or whatever!

happy holidays!

(all photos from pinterest)

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