Happy + Healthy // thanksgiving detox

9:09:00 AM

i must admit, thanksgiving was one heck of a fail for eating well. there was almost too much good food, and man was i weak. 

this is the part that i hate. the part when i look back and think "really...why did i have to shove that in my mouth?" 

but there is no time to waste! i have bikini to get into in 3 weeks! and i am going to rock that bikini will full confidence, so lets do this!
i have put together a little one week detox for this week...wish me luck!


  1. majority fruits and vegetables
  2. non-fat salad dressings
  3. drink 3 liters of water a day
  4. tea instead of coffee
  1. stretching for 15 minutes everyday
  2. at least 45 minutes of cardio everyday
  3. strength training every other day (8 minute abs, etc.)
Mind and Soul:
  1. meditation before bed
  2. positivity!

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