10:53:00 AM

another lovely thanksgiving has come and passed. and although it was short, it was sweet. 
as i move back in to my tiny dorm room, i reminisce on the floating aroma of sweet potatoes, the crinkling leaves underneath my hiking boots, the tales told by the snapping fire, and the laughter shared among adults and children alike. 
being in the mountains of asheville, the trees, hills, and their massiveness makes it easy to step back and realize everything and everyone i have in my own little world. i have so much to be thankful for and there will never be enough time to tell. however, realizing how thankful and blessed you are, i think, is a big step towards gratefulness and happiness. 
i will say this: walking through the silent forest, hiking to grand waterfalls, looking down a winding creek, and breathing in fresh mountain air made for a blissful thanksgiving. and for that, i am forever grateful. 

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