Sunday Funday // Doe Creek Farm

6:34:00 AM

there is something so lovely about being outside in the crisp autumn air, surrounded by mountains, and sharing the day with friends.
this past Sunday, was truly one of the most perfect Sundays since moving to Virginia.  my friends and I discovered a small farm and orchard in the valley of the Appalachian Mountains, surrounded by miles of breath-taking orange and purple trees.  and so, naturally, after deciding that we would travel to pick some apples, I grabbed my camera, scarf, and iPod, and we set out for our morning adventure.  we walked dozens of rows of beautifully colored apples, we grabbed caramel apples and small jars of apple butter, and when it was time to leave, we drove back through the mountains, listening to Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers, and Modest Mouse on full blast, and stared at the natural beauty that is Virginia. it was, undoubtedly, a perfect beginning to Fall.

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