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this past weekend, the Adventure Crew (established by myself and my three friends in September 2014) set out on yet another incredible journey. we decided that we would do our toughest hike yet: Dragon's Tooth in Salem, VA. and not only were we successful in summiting, but the entire journey was absolutely fantastic. 

after stumbling out of bed early saturday morning, we grabbed some sandwiches, coffee, and water and headed to the car. the 45 minute drive was absolutely breathtaking, and like usual, the scene was made complete by good music and good conversation.

upon arriving at the trailhead, we parked the car, laced up our boots, checked the map, and we were off. this is undoubtedly the most perfect time of year to hike. the crisp morning air, the changing trees, and the leaf-strewn trails made the ascent so blissful and peaceful. 

as we neared our peak destination, the hike turned from walking into climbing. we scaled walls, used all our strength to hoist ourselves over rocks and cliff faces, and laughed as we watched each other throw ourselves over boulders.

while the trail hinted at the view that was to be expected at the summit, the scene from the actual peak was unreal. we managed to gather our courage and climb a massive rock, stabbing into the sky with a small flat top for us to sit on. we climbed up, sat down, and looked out. our breath was taken away. sloping hills and valleys of orange, red, yellow, and maroon trees were framed by the massive mountains spreading as far as the eye could see.

all there was, was silence. nobody could even begin to describe our amazement. when we were able to speak, we talked about everything in that moment. the ascent, our happiness, and the incomprehensibility of what we now call our home.

we took our time at the summit and then decided we would begin our descent due to a very sudden yearning for Waffle House. peanut butter waffles, watered-down coffee, and cheese and grits made the perfect post-hike feast. and of course-being the college students that we are-we crawled back into our beds to nap with a happy belly and a cleansed mind and soul. it was truly an incredibly lovely day.  


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